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Hi , I have tried green coffee 800 and i lost 30 lbs and i have been trying to get more supply and my distributor has not been able to supply , i would like to know how i can become a distributor . i have told alot of people about your product . can you e mail me some information on how i can get involve. Thanks Nisha


Just thought you should know. I started using your Green Coffee Leptin 1000 in February 2011 and drank it for 4 months straight and lost 20lbs. All of my friends, co-workers and family saw a dramatic change in me. So they kept asking me what was my secret, anyhow, I told them about you guys and now they are hooked. I’ve bought an order of 50 boxes and it’s all gone and now they are ordering on their own. You guys should compensate me…LOL…JK…All of my friends think I’m a spokesman for your product…Anyhow good luck……

Nicole Yang

I tried the green coffee 800 at the beginning of 2010 and lost a lot of weight with your product.I was very happy with the results I had obtained and now I would like to know how I can become a distributor for the green coffee 800 and possibly also the…

Tara l

Hi, I have been buying the Leptin Slimming Red Coffee for the past month and it’s wonderful. I own a hairdressing salon and all of my clients would love to use it as well, am I able to buy it directly off you wholesale? Could you please let me know as soon.


We are glad to let you know that we are now distributing the Leptin Green Coffee 800. Although we meet many questions regarding the products but all is well.I am currently using it myself. It is one week now and I have lost a few kilos………


Congratulations, your Coffee 1000 is a successful product in the current market… Please give me a flyer of Coffee 1000, if possible more freebies. Thanks in advance.


I have been taking GC800 for the past 2 months now and have lost 4kg. It is a good effective product and I want to share it with my family, friends and customers. I am interested to know how to become your distributor.


Hello good day, I have used your product before and would be interested in becoming a distributor for your company, I will be looking forward for your response so I can discuss more in details. Thank you! Parmanan ST. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles

Parmanan S

I’m looking to earn extra cash and am interested in becoming a distributer of the Leptin Green Coffee line of products. I am also a customer with a successful weight loss story. Looking forward to hearing from you. Rosalie


Hi, first of all, I would like to thank your wonderful product, the only product that made me lose weight in just 3 months. I used to be 205lbs and now I am down to 165lbs. I feel better than ever before. All my friends are asking me how I did it? I was………


My Cousin took your product on the free trial and he lost 20lbs. I would like to try your product so I’m ordering 4 boxes. Question how much weight will I lose with that amount?